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ITU SEC.-GEN. pulled the plug on precedent for monies to former elected officials that was deemed to be without basis for payment, said the agency’s management oversight board, which provides independent guidance.



Clip to Payment Precedent Trims a Gray Area With Liabilities


An external auditor’s review deemed payments given the green light by the former ITU sec.-gen. to be without basis under the agency’s financial, or staff, rules, said the agency’s management oversight board, which provides independent guidance, according to a report to the July 11 to 21 session of ITU Council.  Payments not authorised by ITU Council were made to former ITU elected officials.  The external auditor “plan[s] to qualify their Regularity opinion on the financial statements in respect of this expenditure,” it said.  ITU Council may consider further action.  

The oversight board supported the external auditor’s “recommendation to [ITU] Council to consider any further [appropriate] actions.”  Nothing was specified.  Precedent for payments to “former ITU elected officials” stretches back to at least 2014, the report said.  

The current ITU sec.-gen. plans to stop the practice after a whistleblower raised the issue to her, and to the oversight board, the committee’s report said.  The payments were not run past ITU Council, it said.   

The report did not mention which category of elected officials were paid.  ITU elects its top five managers, and 12 members of the Radio Regulations Board whose work is unpaid although many remain employed.  The agency’s top five officials garner pay considered generous by government standards, and receive healthy benefits as top diplomats.

The most recently listed summary report — March 2023 — on deliberations in the Independent Management Advisory Committee is restricted to persons vetted by the agency and its membership.  About one-half of summary reports from at least 35 meetings of the Independent Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) could not be immediately located on the committee’s webpage.  At least some of those meetings were however cited in later reports, such as to ITU Council.  The report from the March 2023 was the only document that has been restricted to persons vetted by the agency and its membership.  The summary report from a meeting scheduled for 5 to 7 June does not appear on the document list.  The IMAC’s report to ITU Council, which was submitted by the sec.-gen., was replaced on 4 July.  No formal revision document was made.  Translations into Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Russian were dated 7 July.  No French language version appeared.