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23 Jan. 2024

ITU-Reporter  and the websites www.ITU-Reporter.ch, www.rreg.ch and www.bcn-sarl.ch (the “Website(s)”) are owned and published by Billquist Communications News Sàrl, which is registered in Switzerland with the enterprise identification number CHE-336.698.741  (hereafter the “Publisher”).  The commercial address of the Publisher is: 23 chemin du Vieux-Vésenaz; 1222 Vésenaz, Switzerland. 

ITU-Reporter is a monthly periodical of attributable hard news. The print version of ITU-Reporter has an International Standard Serial Number issued by the Swiss National Library: 2813-9232.  No online version is published. ITU-Reporter is published once each month, at least 12 times annually.  

The present terms & conditions exclusively govern the use of the Website(s) and the relationship between Subscribers to ITU-Reporter and the Publisher.  The Publisher reserves the right to amend the present terms & conditions at any time, at its discretion. 

Subscriptions to ITU-Reporter

ITU-Reporter is available to individuals or organizations that pay for an annual subscription fee. ITU-Reporter is sent by Postal delivery each month between the 1st and 5th day of each month. No news or headlines are sent by email.

All subscription sales will be concluded by credit card from the ITU-Reporter Website. Credit card purchases are processed using Stripe.com. Purchase orders are not accepted.  The subscription period is one year.  The subscription period begins when payment is received.

The Publisher reserves the right to decline a request for a subscription and/or a subscription payment from any person or organization. 

The Subscriber must inform the Publisher promptly if editions are not received as expected. Keeping account information — postal address, organization contact name and email address — current is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber. 

Privacy policy

Please consult the Publisher’s privacy policy (https://www.itu-reporter.ch/privacy-policy/) to know how the Publisher collects, uses and protects personal and other data.


ITU-Reporter and the Website(s) are protected by copyright laws. ITU-Reporter may not be reproduced or redistributed without permission from the Publisher. Please contact the Publisher to request article reprints.

Computer code associated with the Website(s) may not be modified. The Publisher reserves the right to use legal, technical and other means to defend copyrights and enforce the present terms & conditions.

Exclusions of liability

ITU-Reporter is produced using standard journalistic practices. Our news-gathering abides by Swiss law and best practice.  We strive to meet the highest standards in journalism, including objectivity, originality, accuracy and independence.  We avoid real, potential and perceived conflicts of interest.  

The Publisher in no way guarantees its accuracy or completeness.  The information is provided “as is” with no expressed, implied nor legally implied warranty.  The Publisher in no circumstance will be liable for any loss of business, opportunity, future business or any other form including third party losses.  The Publisher reserves the right to temporarily suspend publication for technical or other reasons, or withdraw or change the title of ITU-Reporter or Website(s), for business, legal or other reasons. The Publisher declines all liability for any direct or indirect damage that may result from an interruption of Website(s), or from other technical problem, including the unlikely presence of harmful elements.

The Publisher declines all liability regarding the content of third-party websites accessible from Website(s) or pointing to or from Website(s) by means of hypertext links. The Publisher exercises no control over the content of such external websites.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

ITU-Reporter is offered for sale from Switzerland.  The present terms & conditions are an integral part of any subscription.  The present terms & conditions are subject to Swiss substantive law.  The courts of Geneva, Switzerland are competent in case of a dispute over these terms & conditions, or over any subscription agreement with Billquist Communications News Sàrl, or any other matter. Payment shall be deemed acceptance that these terms and conditions prevail, to the extent allowed by law. Our journalism practice is governed exclusively by Swiss law and best practice.

 Geneva, Switzerland – 23 Jan. 2024

Supplemental declaration: Billquist Communications News Sàrl, publisher of ITU-Reporter, abides by Swiss rules and transparency requirements for the formation and operation of an independent media entity, namely: 1) Publicity must be clearly marked, and; 2) Third-party funding must be obviously announced in the publication — we receive none. We maintain material independence from the policy-making process. We possess no stake in outcomes. Furthermore, we have neither informal nor formal affiliations nor agreements: independent news reporting is our only business.

All monies for the production of ITU-Reporter are earned through individual or organization subscription fees paid to Billquist Communications News Sàrl. No industry nor regulatory sector accounts for more than 25 percent of revenue. The subscription plans are described on the BCN/ITU-Reporter website: https://www.ITU-Reporter.ch/Accountability-2-Progress/.

R. Scott Billquist, editor responsible for ITU-Reporter, makes a separate annual declaration to affirm adherence to ethical and responsible conduct in order to maintain rights and press credentials in Switzerland.  Mr. Billquist is a member of the Swiss Association of Specialized Journalists with standing in the professional register.

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